Act 1/1998, sec. 18.1:

Act 1/1998, sec. 18.1:

"The only official form of Catalan toponyms is in Catalan language, according to the language rules set by the Institute of Catalan Studies". We ask the Catalan govermnent to enforce the law in official toponymy and to end the rarest legal arbitrariness in the European Union:

The Legal Problem

This is a study on how the fact that some official Catalan place names contain mispellings breaks the law and produces arbitrariness: §1 The following municipalities have misspelled names: Cabacés, Capmany, Castell-Platja d’Aro, Figaró-Montmany, Forallac, Lladó,...
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Non-normative place names

In Catalonia there are still ten municipalities that have non-normative forms as their official place names (according to Optimot). All of them break the current legislation on language policy and toponymy. Cabacés (Priorat)[Allochthonous graphization in...
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To the Catalan Government: We request the Government to enforce article 18.1 of Law 1/1998, of January 7, on language policy, that literally reads: “The only official form of Catalan toponyms is in Catalan language,...
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The most cruel effect of non-normative toponymy is on children

Article 8 of Decree 133/2020 states that “textbooks, teaching materials and, in general, publications that, in physical or digital form, are intended for regulated and... Read More "The most cruel effect of non-normative toponymy is on children"

Full nullity

The municipality of Josa i Tuixén was denied the change of official name to "Josa i Tuixent" in 2004, but was nevertheless allowed to formalize... Read More "Full nullity"

We need to correct, not to hide

On March 16, the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) launched a game called Wordle Toponímic, inspired by the popular game Wordle, where participants... Read More "We need to correct, not to hide"


This initiative requests the Catalan government to make the necessary moves to enforce the law that orders Catalan municiplalties to bear correctly written official names. Not doing so breaks the Law 1/1998, art. 18.1, and generates law fraud with the latest regulations on toponymy, Deccree 133/2020.