Act 1/1998, sec. 18.1:

“The only official form of Catalan toponyms is in Catalan language, according to the language rules set by the Institute of Catalan Studies”. We ask the Government of the Generaltiat of Catalonia to comply with the language policy law on official toponymy. is an initiative that arose in the priory municipality of Cabassers, which still has a pre-normative form, “Cabacés”, as the spelling of its official toponym. This spelling had been the official form of the name of the place before Pompeu Fabra standardized the language, and in 1933 the Generalitat corrected it to the form that adapts to the Catalan orthography and the etymology of the name: Cabassers. In 1939, Franco returned to using the official form “Cabacés”, until in 1983 the Generalitat recovered the genuine spelling, Cabassers. In 1989, after the City Council asked the Government to recover the incorrect form in 1985, the spelling “Cabacés” was made official again, in an important way.

For this reason the web domain is But seeing that there are more municipalities in the Principality of Catalonia affected by this problem, we decided to claim the correction of all the cases that are in the same situation as Cabassers, which are ten municipalities and about a hundred villages. The problem is not toponymic: the IEC has established the forms that are normative for each case. The problem is legal: there are councils that do not respect what is determined by the Language Policy Law on official toponymy, and this causes the violation of fundamental rights, such as equality before the law or moral integrity: you cannot force anyone to write the name of the place where he lives as if he did not know the linguistic rules of the language.

Based on the analysis of all these cases, we have built this website, which has become the only portal specialized in the matter. We make available to the public all kinds of materials related to the subject, divided into sections.